Leave the weather to us


Highlights: Insulating, Reflective & Regulator

Warmth in Even the Coldest Conditions. Our Omni-Heat™ lineup makes up our platform of warm technologies, all designed to keep you warm when you battle cold weather in your outdoor pursuits.


From synthetic insulation to responsibly-sourced down with unique baffling, our innovative designs offer a range of cozy options.


Think breathable space blanket. The silver pattern in our proprietary lining reflects and retains body heat while wicking away moisture.


Industry-first tech utilizes high-efficiency insulation cells to provide just the right amount of heat while being active in the cold.


Highlights: Waterproof, Wicking

Rain? Water? Sweat? Not here. The technologies in this category are made to keep you dry. Waterproof, breathable and wicking technologies stop wetness from getting in, and work to push it out.


Radically different waterproofing that keeps you dry inside and out from drizzle to downpour.


Accelerated wicking pulls moisture away from the body and disperses it to enhance evaporation for next-to-skin comfort.


Highlights: Cooling

Keeping You Cool When the Heat is On. When the temperatures rise, it’s important to stay cool. This group of technologies uses innovative fabric and scientific application to help you feel cool in the heat.


Radically different waterproofing that keeps you dry inside and out from drizzle to downpour.


Highlights: Wind, Rain & Stain, Sun

Cushioned, Blocked, Shielded and Shaded. This group of technologies covers a wide spectrum. Each technology is aimed at keeping you outside longer, doing what you love safely, stably and as comfortably as possible.


Waterproof-breathable wind protection provides a durable barrier that allows sweat to escape, while warding off chill.

Rain and Stain

Long-lasting water-and-stain repellent helps you stay clean and dry by resisting the absorption of liquids into the material.


Blocks and deflects harmful UVA/UVB rays to help prevent sunburn and long-term skin damage, while keeping you protected.


Highlights: Cushion, Traction, Protection, Waterproof

Ultimate Comfort, Reliable Traction, Unmatched Protection. Our footwear combines cushioning, traction, and waterproof features, ensuring your outdoor experience is elevated to the next level.


Cushions your foot throughout the gait cycle with highly flexible and responsive qualities that adapt to uneven terrain.


More grip, less slip. Traction rubber outsoles keep you sure-footed across multiple surfaces and in a variety of conditions.


Equip your feet with durable, comfortable support on a variety of surfaces in variable conditions.


From rain-and-stain resistant to fully waterproof inside and out, we offer many ways of keeping your feet dry and comfy.